About Us

Pozitiv Partners aims to provide effective solutions consistently to the finance function of a business.

Our core values includes integrity and respect with all the people we deal with

We aim to be true to our name, adding positive value to your business by providing end-to-end practical solutions to your finance function. Our management and associates have an in-depth experience in handling complex situations arising in businesses.

Pozitiv Partners has a client retention ratio of 95%

Service Expertise

Business Set-Up Services

Company incorporation
Registration assistance for state and central laws
Recording of transactions on a periodical basis

Corporate Law

Advisory on company law matters
Assistance in incorporation of companies
Assistance in filing of statutory forms/returns
Assistance in obtaining approvals from company law authorities

Accounting and Compliance Support

Updation of accounting trials
Processing of payroll
Periodic tax compliance support
Banking support (cheque processing, support for managing working capital)


Form 15CB for Foreign Remittances
Share Valuation Report
Company Law Certification

Indirect Taxation

Service Tax Opinion, Appeals and Refunds
Customs Duty Refunds, SVB clearances
VAT Compliance, Assessments
GST Transition and Complete Support


Internal Audit
Statutory Audit
Audit under the State VAT Acts
SOX Audit

Start your operations in India

A business adds immense value to the world in general and to the local ecosystem in particular. Jobs are created, resources are mobilized and not only the business grows, but the local economy too grows.

Accounting / Bookkeeping and Reporting Services

Accounting is the lifeline of any business. We aim to account based on these skills and deliver understandable and actionable reports and hence contribute to the growth of the business.

Tax Advisory and Compliance support services

Indian tax regulations like its global counterpart levy a Direct and an Indirect Tax.Tax is the price paid by a person for a civilized society.

Corporate Laws

As our core services relate to help businesses continue to add value through its offerings, Corporate Laws regulate the relationship a business shares with its customers, vendors, employees, etc.

Consulting and Actionable Insights

We find it exciting and challenging to help businesses see things from a perspective of finance and operational processes point of view and hence make growth decisions.

Virtual CFO Services

You may be a foreign company setting up a subsidiary in India or a home grown start up venture or a company faced with a recent exit of the CFO.

Our mission

Helping businesses overcome their bottlenecks in accounting, tax and corporate laws, general administration and business growth through listening, analysing and suggesting better practices using information technology hence create positive possibilities.

Our experience

Info Tech 60%
Bio tech 60%
Business to Business 30%
others 10%

Find out how our expertise can help you and your company.